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Faith-based Learning

We base our Program and Curriculums on revealed truth, and encourage our students to practice good moral values.

Muscle Development

The importance of exercise in childhood development is beyond any discussion. More and more children are engaging in a sedentary lifestyle much like adults. At Hamilton Heights Learning Center, we promote an active lifestyle that will enrich our students health and well being.

Speech and Active Listening

In order to develop speech and active listening skills, a child needs to learn how to listen first and foremost. Listening can be passive or active, at HHLC we greatly emphasize on this curriculum due to its level of importance in the early stages of childhood development.

Colors and Numbers

An infant begins to notice different colors at about 18 months. From there they move to identifying colors along with shapes and Numbers. At HHLC, we work closely with the children in an effort to yield the best results during this early educational process.

Vocabulary and Spelling

Children learn about 3,000 words a year but only about 300 from organized instruction, and they barely remember the exact definition for about 15% of that 300. Our program tend to raise that bar on those statistics, through active conversations and reading exercises.

Science Exploration

Every child has the ability to become scientifically literates if it is introduced to her/him at an early age. At HHLC we provide this opportunity in our curriculum; it all starts with fundamental concepts involving classifying, counting, and measuring.

Social and Emotional Development

Social and Emotional Development is often overlooked in a great deal of educational institutions. We provide comprehensive social and emotional development curriculum. We build the foundation for upward mobility throughout our students educational period and beyond.

Self Concept and Creative Expression

Self Concept develops and communicates a growing awareness of self as having certain abilities, characteristics, preferences, and rights. Creative Expression displays thoughts, ideas, ingenuity and particular interests. Our staff works with close knit groups to ensure our students reach their full potential.