2000 West Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY, zip 10027

2000 amsterdam ave, ny ny 10027

Center Staff

Family Oriented Approach

Our staff at HHLC (Hamilton Heights Learning Center) are trained and certified professionals. Our program provides a rich environment that promotes active exploration in all areas of development: physical, emotional,aesthetic, and cognitive.

Give Your Child An Advantage

Hamilton Heights Learning Center benefits from employing qualified Early Childhood professionals, and as a result the developmental programs used in our center are based on sound knowledge and the most up-to-date early childhood education techniques.

Our Goal

Our staff go above and beyond the standards of other child care centers. The child care specialists at Hamilton Heights Learning Center recognize and encourage the amazing potential children have to learn. Our specialist custom design activities with individualized attention to your child's needs and interests. Our school was developed around the idea that quality child care and education being the core of the service we provide.